The Bankruptcy Lawyer Northern and Central New Jersey People Have Faith In

Mitchell Law Offices in Maplewood is known throughout Northern and Central New Jersey as a top provider of personal bankruptcy legal counsel. What distinguishes Attorney Douglas Mitchell, according to his clients, is not only his record for securing favorable rulings but also the effort he makes to set people’s minds at ease about bankruptcy – even before they become clients.

First, Douglas gets to know those who seek him out. He thoroughly familiarizes himself with their situation. Then in simple but precise terms he explains what bankruptcy is and isn’t, the different types of bankruptcy, and the bankruptcy process. His approach from the start is to take the mystery, the fear, and the shame out of filing. You’ll find, as has every client before you, that you have Douglas's sympathy, his respect, and his undivided attention every step of the way.

Explore the Mitchell website. In these pages Douglas presents brief but useful descriptions of the bankruptcy services he offers and what you can expect him to do for you. If you need more information or wish to consult with him immediately, please don’t hesitate to contact Mitchell Law Offices. Douglas looks forward to being your bankruptcy lawyer and serving you with the same commitment, professionalism – and, yes, compassion – he’s known for providing all of his Northern and Central New Jersey clients.