Staying Afloat After Debt with This Bayonne, New Jersey, Bankruptcy Lawyer's Help

Unmanageable debt can knock the wind out of anyone’s sails. But Bayonne residents are lucky. They have close at hand a skilled captain who knows how to navigate the treacherous shoals of insolvency and help them safely back to financial stability. That captain is Attorney Douglas Mitchell, who’s known throughout Northern and Central Jersey for his exceptional bankruptcy services.

The bulk of Douglas’s practice is devoted to helping clients find debt relief in Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, whichever they’re qualified to get. He also helps them with frequently attendant matters like wage and bank garnishment, repossession, foreclosure, and forbearance. In every case, Douglas assists clients with the necessary paperwork, represents them in hearings, and, when required, litigates on their behalf in state or federal court proceedings. Where damages are involved, he often wins out-of-court settlements that favor his clients. The ultimate goal, always, is to lighten an onerous debt burden and help people take command of their finances once again.

Looking to sail free of your own debt? Do what so many others in Bayonne have done and contact Mitchell Law Offices.