Bloomfield's Trusted Bankruptcy Law Firm

There are any number of lawyers you could choose in Bloomfield, New Jersey, to help you deal with bankruptcy. But Bloomfield residents most often choose Mitchell Law Offices.

Attorney Douglas Mitchell is sought out for four major reasons:

  1. his extensive knowledge of the law as it pertains to bankruptcy, consumer debt, wage garnishment, repossession, and foreclosure;
  2. his single-minded dedication to each client and the sympathetic, compassionate counsel he provides;
  3. his formidable skills as a trial lawyer, having represented clients for years in both state and federal courts; and
  4. his success in helping clients win appropriate settlements, allowing them to regain control of their personal finances.

If financial difficulties leave you little choice but to file for bankruptcy, the lawyer to choose in Bloomfield is Douglas Mitchell. Contact Mitchell Law Offices today.