East Orange, New Jersey's 'In-Demand' Bankruptcy Lawyer

Whether life has blindsided us with the unexpected or we ourselves have all too predictably brought on our woes, most of us at some time or another find ourselves in financial straits. For many here in East Orange, the best way out of those straits is provided by Mitchell Law Offices.

Attorney Douglas Mitchell specifically helps East Orange residents with Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. This frequently requires him to provide ancillary assistance with forbearances, foreclosures, repossessions, wage garnishment, and other such financial matters. In all of them, Douglas is extremely knowledgeable about the applicable laws and offers his clients sound legal counsel. He’s proven himself an effective trial lawyer, too, when litigation is necessary. Douglas has handled numerous cases in state and federal courts, arguing before judges and juries, and even, where possible, settling cases out of court. Most impressive to his clients, though, are the results of his representation. Douglas has an excellent track record of securing the kind of financial relief that allows his clients to regain control of their finances and plan a better future for themselves and their loved ones.

Explore this website. And if bankruptcy is something you’re facing, contact Mitchell Law Offices. The same financial relief your East Orange neighbors have gotten with Douglas’s help can be yours as well.