The Jersey City Bankruptcy Lawyer Who's Ready to Help You Now

Looking for a first-rate bankruptcy lawyer who can help you here in Jersey City? You’ll find that lawyer at Mitchell Law Offices.

Attorney Douglas Mitchell has been helping your Jersey City friends and neighbors resolve their financial difficulties for some time now. His practice is devoted exclusively to handing Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases. By extension, then, he’s often helped clients deal with wage garnishment, foreclosures, repossessions, and other related consumer debt issues.

People here and all over Northern and Central New Jersey look to Douglas for sound legal guidance, a sympathetic ear, help with all the paperwork involved in bankruptcy filing, and representation that secures for them the financial relief that enables them to rebuild their lives. When litigation is necessary or advisable, clients know that Douglas has the courtroom skills and experience to represent them admirably. His record of courtroom successes – in state and federal courts alike – is matched by his success in securing out-of-court settlements.

Contact Mitchell Law Offices to schedule a bankruptcy consultation with Douglas Mitchell today. And get yourself back on the road to financial stability.