Your Prime Maplewood-Based Bankruptcy Lawyer

From his conveniently located offices in Maplewood, Attorney Douglas Mitchell has helped many residents here and throughout Northern and Central New Jersey find some measure of financial relief through Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

As a legal counselor, Douglas has proven himself an empathetic listener and a sure, steady guide through the maze of bankruptcy laws. He’s also been an invaluable help to clients in dealing with the situations and personal habits that led to their consumer debt. And for those who’ve faced bank or wage garnishments, foreclosures, or repossessions, he’s been a staunch advocate and a tireless worker on their behalf. His skills in negotiation and as a trial lawyer in both state and federal court proceedings have enabled him to secure the best possible financial relief for every one of his clients.

If you’re struggling to determine whether you should even attempt to declare bankruptcy … if the type of bankruptcy for which you might qualify is unknown to you … or if you need help with other matters pertaining to consumer debt and its remedy, Maplewood Attorney Douglas Mitchell is the lawyer you need to see. Contact Mitchell Law Offices and set up a consultation with him now.