The Bankruptcy Lawyer Montclair, New Jersey, People Depend On

Debt relief doesn’t come easy, not least because of the shame people feel for having gotten into debt. Attorney Douglas Mitchell understands. For many years he’s been helping people here in Montclair and throughout Northern and Central New Jersey overcome their shame and take action to resolve their financial difficulties. He does this typically by helping them file for bankruptcy and representing them in bankruptcy hearings. What draws clients to him, first and foremost, is the compassionate way he deals with people in financial trouble, his solid understanding of the laws governing the discharge of debt through bankruptcy, and his negotiating skills, both in and out of court, that make it possible for him to secure the relief his clients seek.

The upshot of it is that Montclair residents who feel the sting and shame of debt needn’t go it alone. They have a wise counselor, an able advocate, and a true friend in Attorney Douglas Mitchell. That’s their ticket to eliminating debt and restoring their financial independence. If that’s what you’re after, contact Mitchell Law Offices today and set up your first consultation.