Newark, New Jersey's Go-To Bankruptcy Lawyer

Everybody needs some kind of financial help at some point in their lives. Debt is the usual trouble-maker. And when debt becomes overwhelming? The usual solution – all too often the only solution – is bankruptcy.

Here in Newark people are looking more and more to Attorney Douglas Mitchell for help with bankruptcy proceedings to relieve their financial burdens. They look to him primarily because of his track record in securing the best possible relief. Douglas is extremely knowledgeable about laws relevant to bankruptcy and, thus, a savvy litigator in court. He’s proven adept at negotiating favorable out-of-court settlements, too. But it isn’t just his legal credentials that recommend him. Many Newark residents are drawn to Douglas because of his reputation for treating people fairly and with genuine compassion, regardless of why they’re in financial straits.

If you want a sympathetic ear as well as a solution that sufficiently relieves your debt and helps you regain your financial stability, go to Douglas Mitchell, Newark’s go-to bankruptcy lawyer. Arranging a consultation is easy; just contact Mitchell Law Offices by phone, email, or submitting a convenient electronic request form.