The One Bankruptcy Lawyer People in Paterson Prefer

People in Paterson who struggle with debt and face an uncertain financial future call on one bankruptcy lawyer more than any other: Attorney Douglas Mitchell. He’s been helping people here and throughout Northern and Central New Jersey deal with all sorts of financial difficulties for years now – difficulties like debt collector harassment, bank and wage garnishment, foreclosures, and repossessions. Best of all, time and again, he’s gotten his clients the financial relief they so desperately need.

While Douglas primarily handles Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies, he also litigates on behalf of his clients when disputes arise relating to their insolvency. Such disputes typically revolve around debt collectability, the protection and valuation of collateral in bankruptcy, and the sale of assets. It helps that Douglas is an experienced trial lawyer. Not only has he represented clients successfully in federal as well as state court proceedings, but he’s also negotiated a number of out-of-court settlements benefitting both parties involved.

Lawyers of Douglas’s skill are hard to come by. Even harder to find are skilled lawyers who also demonstrate the kind of empathy Douglas has for every client he helps, no matter what their circumstances. If you’re facing bankruptcy, this is the lawyer you need. And if you live in or around Paterson, you’re in luck: This is the lawyer you’ve got. Contact Mitchell Law Offices today.