The Plainfield, New Jersey, Bankruptcy Lawyer of Choice

Because financial troubles have serious repercussions, they demand serious solutions. There’s no quick fix for them. But many people have found a way out of debt and a way back to financial stability by filing for bankruptcy. Here in Plainfield the serious solution more people rely on is that provided by Bankruptcy Attorney Douglas Mitchell.

What Douglas brings to the table is ...

  • an extensive knowledge of bankruptcy laws and a unique ability to explain in everyday terms how they may affect those he counsels;
  • a compassionate, nonjudgmental approach to helping people resolve their financial difficulties, assisting them not only with bankruptcy but also with matters such as foreclosures, forbearances, bank or wage garnishments, repossessions, and, when practicable, non-bankruptcy workouts;
  • considerable experience in helping people file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy and representing them in those proceedings;
  • substantial courtroom experience in both state and federal courts, arguing cases before judges and juries;
  • a proven ability to negotiate beneficial out-of-court settlements for his clients whenever possible; and
  • an impressive record of securing for his clients the best possible debt-relief terms – terms that can help them get back on their feet and stay on track financially.

If you’ve got serious debt and are serious about getting it resolved to your advantage, choose the lawyer many of your Plainfield neighbors have made their first choice. All you have to do to set up an appointment with him is contact Mitchell Law Offices.