The Rahway Way to Debt Relief: Bankruptcy Lawyer Douglas Mitchell

People in Rahway have their own way of doing things. Of course, they’d call it the right way. They’d tell you, for example, that when debt gets out of hand and creditors come calling, the right way to get relief is to enlist the aid of Attorney Douglas Mitchell.

Douglas is a bankruptcy lawyer. He’s helped many a Rahway client file for either a Chapter 7 bankruptcy or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. But those aren’t the only solutions he offers to help ease his clients’ financial burdens. Douglas is often called upon to …

  • negotiate other debt remedies such as wage or bank garnishments, non-bankruptcy workouts, and forbearances;
  • help clients deal with repossession and foreclosure; and
  • represent clients in state or federal court, protecting their rights when creditors have brought claims against them or enforcing their rights when they’ve brought claims against creditors.

In or out of court, Douglas has proven skillful in obtaining for his clients the debt relief they’ve sought. With his help many Rahway residents have not only put their financial troubles behind them but also ensured a brighter financial future for themselves and their loved ones. If that’s what you want, do it the Rahway way and contact Mitchell Law Offices.