The Right Bankruptcy Lawyer for Roselle, NJ

When people in this borough find themselves awash in debt and facing financial ruin, the smart ones reach out to Attorney Douglas Mitchell. He’s been providing the residents of Roselle and other Northern and Central New Jersey communities with top-level bankruptcy services for many years now.

What draws people to Douglas is simple, really. First, he listens intently and sympathetically to those who seek his help. Once he understands their particular circumstances, he’s able to advise them astutely on the best option they have for debt relief. For most Roselle clients, the choice revolves around whether they’re eligible to file for bankruptcy under Chapter 7, in which case all or part of their debt is eliminated, or under Chapter 13, where they must repay creditors a portion of their debt in accordance with a court-ordered plan.

Douglas also routinely helps clients with bank and wage garnishments, repossessions, foreclosures, forbearances, litigation in creditor-debtor disputes, and other matters relating to personal insolvency and its resolution. As a trial lawyer, he’s proven a formidable defender and enforcer of his clients rights, having argued numerous cases in both state and federal courtrooms. He’s won a number of out-of-court settlements on behalf of his clients too. Ultimately, he’s shown himself to be remarkably effective in securing for his clients the kind of debt relief that gives them a second chance at achieving financial stability.

If that’s what you want, contact Mitchell Law Offices and see for yourself why the right bankruptcy lawyer for Roselle is the right bankruptcy lawyer for you.