What Scotch Plains, New Jersey, People Look for in a Bankruptcy Lawyer

Of course, no one in Scotch Plains plans on being “hopelessly” in debt. But debt sometimes gets the better of the best of us. Not to worry. We have a ready advocate to help relieve us of debt: Bankruptcy Attorney Douglas Mitchell. What Douglas offers is exactly what Scotch Plains people want – and need – in a bankruptcy lawyer:

  • a thorough understanding of the laws governing bankruptcy and the various options available to qualifying debtors – chief among them, Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 bankruptcy;
  • compassionate, nonjudgmental legal counsel that seeks to uplift those in debt and not just relieve them of it but also help them stay out of it;
  • easy access to a full range of first-rate bankruptcy-related legal services;
  • help with every aspect of the paperwork required to file for bankruptcy;
  • full representation in bankruptcy hearings;
  • extensive trial experience in state and federal court proceedings, defending or enforcing his clients’ rights, as the case may be; and
  • a record of winning for his clients the debt relief to which they’re entitled, helping them secure a brighter financial future.

If that’s what you’re looking for in a bankruptcy lawyer, follow the lead of your Scotch Plains neighbors and contact Mitchell Law Offices today.