The Bankruptcy Law Firm for South Orange, NJ

When your financial situation is dire and you’ve determined that you have few, if any, options other than bankruptcy, your most critical decision still lies ahead of you: Which bankruptcy lawyer should you choose? The one you pick can make all the difference in the world between finding the relief you seek and prolonging your financial agony. Here in South Orange, many people have found just the help they needed in Attorney Douglas Mitchell.

Mitchell devotes his practice entirely to handing bankruptcy cases. In the process of helping clients resolve consumer debt, he also frequently helps them deal with matters such as wage garnishment, repossession, and foreclosure.

Those who’ve availed themselves of Mitchell’s legal services will attest to his knowledge of the law and, when they’ve had occasion to observe them, his courtroom skills. They’ll also sing his praises for the verdicts he wins them. But what they say they most appreciate about Douglas Mitchell is his personal engagement with their individual cases, his friendliness, and his compassion.

If you’re considering filing for bankruptcy here in South Orange, your best course of action is to contact Mitchell Law Offices.