Union, New Jersey's Unanimous Choice: Bankruptcy Lawyer Douglas Mitchell

The verdict is in and it’s unanimous: If you live in Union and seek the financial relief of bankruptcy, the help you want – and need – is Attorney Douglas Mitchell’s. He’s been representing debtors in this township and throughout Northern and Central New Jersey for years, during which time he’s proven instrumental in easing many a financial burden.

Union people look to Douglas, first, because they like how he treats them. No matter what the reason for their debt, whether they brought it on themselves or had it thrust upon them by unavoidable circumstance, Douglas is never judgmental, always sympathetic. His sole purpose in taking their cases is to help them out of their financial predicament. And he works tirelessly to that end, …

  • advising clients on their eligibility for either Chapter 7 bankruptcy, in which all their debt may be discharged (eliminated), or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, in which some debt must be paid back to creditors or lenders per a court-ordered repayment plan;
  • counseling clients on the laws governing bankruptcy and guiding them through the necessary paperwork;
  • representing clients in their bankruptcy hearings;
  • assisting clients as needed with other matters that may arise as a result of their insolvency – matters such as wage or bank garnishments, foreclosures, forbearances, and repossessions;
  • also as needed, putting his experience as a trial lawyer to work for clients in state or federal court proceedings, either arguing in their defense or enforcing their rights when they bring suit against creditors or lenders.

Northern and Central New Jersey residents call on Douglas for one other reason, too – and it’s a big one: Douglas gets results. With his help, many people hereabouts have gotten the debt relief they need, reclaimed control of their finances, and secured a more stable future for themselves and their families. So can you. All you have to do is contact Mitchell Law Offices.